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Cookery in Pakistan has always had a regional character with each of the five provinces offering online food delivery with unique dishes, in Punjab, for example, the Mughlai cuisine using tandoor ovens and elaborate preparations is essential. In Baluchistan, cooks use the sajji method of barbecuing whole lambs and stick bread in a bottomless pit. Palla (fish) is a well-known delicacy of Sindh. The fish is cleaned and stuffed with a paste made from a variety of spices and then baked. Cooking in the Khyber Pakhtoon Khuwa province is a great deal more understandable and involves the heavy use of lamb the famous examples are chapli kabab, kalbi palow and Charsi Tikka in Peshawar.

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Relish these exotic tastes at “Pakistan Food Center” and experience A cuisine full of tradition and flavor.

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Ceremonial occasions such as weddings have inspired several fancy dishes. A traditional dish at marriage feasts, for example, is chicken curry with either pulao or biryani. A style of cookery called Moghlai, evolved at the Moghul court and even today remains centered in Lahore for example, chicken tandoori-a dish in which chicken is cooked at low temperature in special ovens called tandoors and murgh musallum in which whole chicken is roasted with special spices and ingredients. Hence from the earliest times, the imaginative and sometimes heavy use of spices, herbs, seeds, flavors, and seasonings have helped cooks transform rather ordinary staple foods into exotic cuisine.

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Khyber Pass - Peshawar
Mazar-e-Quaid Karachi
Mazar-e-Quaid Karachi

Badshahi Mosque - Lahore

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Saif ul Malook Lake - KPK

RaniKot Fort - Sindh
RaniKot Fort - Sindh

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We ensure that our food is prepared as per the order with fresh ingredients. While preparing the food our team makes sure to follow all the standard procedures and prepare the food in a clean and safe environment. When you order our online Pakistani food, you will not only enjoy our deliciously prepared food, but you can be confident that it is prepared in a clean environment. When we receive an order, our team will make sure that it is being delivered to you in our standard delivery time. Our delivery team follows all the standard procedures while delivering the food. Our delivery team strictly adheres to the hygiene rules and procedures that have been providing to them.

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Online food delivery in Erbil is a seamless process for anyone. Searching for an online restaurant near me to order your favorite meal allows you to place an order at any time and no matter which place you are. You will not have to spend your time going out and bring food. Online restaurant ordering is a particularly good option for people who are busy and do not have time to prepare their meals. With online food ordering you can avoid traffic, extreme weather, and long queues to order the food. Making the best use of the services provided by your favorite restaurants makes the process easy and you can enjoy your favorite dishes.

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People these days are more concerned and try to avoid contact with people as much as they can due to the current scenario. Online ordering offers minimal contact and it is safe rather than going out and bring your food by yourself.

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